Broadening Horizons: Orienteering at Waltham Abbey

As part of the Broadening Horizons initiative the whole school took part in a unique orienteering adventure – an outdoor experience allowing for children to navigate and discover their way around Waltham Abbey Gardens. Orienteering enables children to tap into their broader skills and abilities that cannot normally be utilised in the classroom. During this activity children were required to find their way back to safety from the depths of Waltham Abbey gardens.

What a fantastic day!

The whole school from pupils, staff and parents all got involved in the challenging expedition around a course. Groups were given a map and a compass to help them navigate their way out of wooded area full of ditches, streams and meadows. They were up against the clock with only 50 minutes to get back to base; otherwise they would incur penalty points! That’s 5 points deducted for each minute late. It really was a race against time with teams having to work together and rely on each other to complete the task. Ustaadah Saberi’s team- The Mountain Rangers won the competition however all the participants are really winners as they all worked so hard and persevered throughout the whole event.

The children absolutely loved the experience and the challenge it brought, all were eager to win. The behaviour on the day was excellent, with all children really happy and enthused by the day’s events.

After the winners and survivors were announced we all went into the beautiful Waltham Abbey Gardens for a well-deserved picnic.

Check out the table below for scores and places, a big well done to all the teams.

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