Staff & Governors

Meet the Staff

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to make our children grow

School ManagerUst. Mohamed Yusuf
Year 1 TeacherUst. Hanan Awale
Year 2 TeacherUst. Abdul Munim
Year 3/4 TeacherUst. Maryam Salah
Year 5/6 TeacherUst. Muslack Ali
Arabic Teacher for Y1 & Level 2Ust. Ahcene Nacer
Arabic Teacher for Y2 & Level 1Ust. Mina Bouikerouan
Qur’an TeacherUst. Mohamed Yusuf
Quran TeacherUst. Mohamed Jile
Head TeacherUst. Hodan Yussuf
Qur’an TeacherUst. Zamzam Khalid
Quran TeacherUst. Mohamed Hussein

School Roles

Our amazing members of staff take on extra responsibility

Welfare OfficerUst. Hodan Yussuf
PTA Rep and Fundraising Manager Ust. Hodan Yussuf
First AidersUst. Mohamed Yusuf & Ust. Manal Mohamed
Named Child Protection OfficerLead – Ust. Hodan Yussuf
Governor – Ust. Mohamed Yusuf
EYFS Lead – Usta. Shamima Aktar EYFS
Head of Islamic StudiesUst. Ahcene Nacer
Head of QuranUst. Mohamed Yusuf
Fire Officer Ust. Mohamed Yusuf
Health and Safety Officer Ust. Khalifa Warsame
SMSC Coordinator Ust. Hodan Yussuf
Curriculum Coordinator Ust. Hodan Yussuf
Computing Coordinator Ust. Hodan Yussuf
Behaviour Coordinator Ust. Hanan Awale
Trips Manager Ust.Ismahaan Sharif
School Council Leader Ust. Abdul Munim
Schools Communication Officer – Web DesignsUst. Hussein Liban
(Overlooked by Ust. Mohamed Yusuf)
Library ManagerUst. Ismahaan Sharif

School Governing Body

The following Governors have been selected for the academic year 2019-2020

School ManagerUst. Mohamed Yusuf
Building MaintenanceKhalifa Farah Warsame
Chair of GovernorsAdnan Hassan
School ImprovementKhalifa Farah Warsame
Community DevelopmentUst. Mohamed Yusuf
Teaching & LearningSamsam Abdullahi
ITHassan Noor