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Eid In the Park 2019

Assalmau Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh, We hope all of you have good health and Eemaan (Faith). Assunnah Primary School Presents: Eid Ul Fitr; Eid In The Park 2019 We hope all of you have good health and Eemaan (Faith).

Year 6 Leavers Ceremony

A sad moment for the school has come – it is time to say goodbye to Year 6! All of the children in year 6, the children in other year groups and the staff have been anticipating the arrival of this day for many months, weeks and days! Today was the last day of school […]

Awards Ceremony

After a challenging and difficult year the children of Assunnah were greeted with awards, prizes, and surprises. Children were given award in the following categories:

Ramadan Assembly

As the school year comes to a close and Ramadan fast approaching, the whole school performed their unique Ramadan Assembly. All children from Reception, Y1 to Y6 delivered powerful messages as follows: Reception – We love you Ramadan Year 6 – Ramadan sighting of the new moon, suhoor, and iftaar Years 1 and 2 – […]

Assunnah Transition Day

All children across the school from year one to year six took part in transition day Transition day is an opportunity for children to experience the year group that they will be moving to in the new academic year. Therefore the following transitions took place: Reception transitioned to year 1 Year 1 transitioned to year […]

Y6 Leaving Cake Sale

Y6 are growing more and more conscious of their last days at Assunnah School. As a result of this year six students asked if they could raise money for the school by having a cake sale! So of course this was a great gesture. The sale took place all children took part in purchasing, decorating and […]