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Learning about Justice with Police Constable

As part of the value of the month of Justice a special whole school assembly was held for children to understand the role of the Police in delivering justice in the UK! Detective Constable Jon Moseling from Haringey visited the school and spoke to the children about what justice is, what the police do and […]

Election Special Assembly

For a number of weeks before the elections, children have been busy, researching, discussing, reflecting rehearsing and preparing for their special assembly covering the different political systems around the world in comparison to the UK. Each class across the school presented a different political system as follows: Years 1 and Y2 looked at Democracy, what […]

Visiting Pymmes Park – Y3 and Y4

The trip enabled the children to look at how rivers and streams are formed. Although the layout in Pymes Park was man made the children were able to get an insight into the surrounding areas of a river bank. They got up close and personal with many of the habitats that lived alongside the water line.

Values of the Month – Justice

For the month of April and May our value of the month is Justice. Allah says in surah Nahl Ayah 90 Indeed, Allah orders justice and good conduct and giving to relatives and forbids immorality and bad conduct and oppression. He admonishes you that perhaps you will be reminded. So this month we aim to […]

Trip to the London Aquarium – Y1 and Y2

This Term (Spring 2), KS1 (years 1&2) had the opportunity to explore the topic of Oceans & Seas. The topic primarily introduced children to the different living organisms that reside under the sea, such as; fish, crustaceans and reptiles as well as corals and other sea plants. As part of this topic, children visited the […]

UWT Kidz 4 Kidz Charity Fundraising Project

The week began with the introduction of the charitable act of collecting and donating for the needy and poor. A representative from Ummah Welfare Trust (UWT) visited the school and spoke to the children. Children were presented with lots of useful information about the importance of donating our wealth, the rewards, and the good it […]

Shakhsiyah Inventions Visit

After a busy week of inventing during our inventions week, some children were rewarded by visiting the Islamic inventions fair at Shakhsiyah School. Inspired by 1001 inventions, Shakhsiyah Schools have been running annual Islamic inventions fairs at local libraries since 2008.

Total Eclipse

On Friday 20th March 2015, Assunnah school children participated in the very rare total solar eclipse. Being a very rare event, we are grateful that the children, staff and members of the public were able to observe this unique occurrence. During the eclipse, the children from early years to years 6, teachers and members of […]