Entries by Assunnah

Trip to the Thames – Y5

Year 5 had an amazing water experience on the River Thames. Throughout the half term year 5 have been studying the exciting topic of ‘Water World’. To take this learning further children took part on a water adventure on the River Thames.

Inventions Week

Throughout the week children were busy putting together their creative ideas for our inventions week. Children looked at inspirational and ground-breaking discoveries from Muslim civilisations that impact many walks of life even today such as: medicine, flight, transport, architecture, education, health, agriculture, mechanics, astronomy, navigation and more.

World Book Day

Thursday 5th March 2015 was a day of huge celebration, a day of celebrating BOOKS! Children were given the opportunity to experience and appreciate the world of books from writers to the actual reading itself!

Values of the Month – Kindness

For the month of March our value of the month is Kindness. In this month we aim to show kindness by: Listening to our parents not causing trouble at home Being gentle with our parents when speaking to them Speaking to our teachers with respect Not disturbing our peers when in the learning zone Being […]

Fundraising: Project X

Congratulations and well done to and all the entries it was very tough and very close. There was also good news from the children that competed in the sponsored race- Mashallah lots of winners there. Year 5’s Project X was also very competitive with lots of creative inventions. MashaAllah, Hammam came first place with his […]

Fundraising: Bake a Cake!

Mashallah what an amazing response from you all. A big big thank you to you all for really getting behind this project and helping us to raise nearly £1000! The sum far exceeded what we initially envisaged. We are now preparing to clear the space at the side of the school and prepare it for […]

Trip to the Science Museum – Y1 and Y2

KS1 have been working hard learning about theme ‘earth in space’. To complement this learning further we arranged a trip to the science museum. Children visited an exhibition about space and did some independent research using a worksheet. They then watched a 45 min video about traveling to space.

Save Marcus Garvey Library – Letter to David Lammy

Assunnah School children were quite distressed when they found out that the children’s section of the Marcus Garvey Library is closing down. This was a good opportunity for children to learn that being British allows for us value our rights and that we can challenge decisions that we believe would be beneficial.