We are in desperate need to raise £100,000 to meet Ofsted requirements.

The school is implementing a new online management system which also covers a virtual learning environment.

The school does not have the infrastructure to support such a system, simply due to the absence of basic ICT resources.

The school is also experiencing a budget shortfall with the employment of a new Head Teacher and the cover required in the interim period.

Our Humble Request

Assunnah Primary School would be immensely grateful if you could donate towards the £100,000 needed to cover the budget shortfall this year and provide much needed resources to the school.

We are appealing to you to save Assunnah Primary School.

JazakallahuKhayran for your help and donation.

Key Facts About Assunnah

Assunnah Primary School is a UK registered independent Islamic primary school established since 2008 (School registration number: 3096088; Charity number: 1097565). It received a ‘satisfactory’ report from OFSED inspectors in July 2010. The school was established in order to raise the spiritual and academic standards of the children in the Muslim community of Tottenham, North London.

The school serves 113 children aged between 2-11. The school has a waiting list of over 20 students. Most students are from impoverished communities and are have English as an additional language.

The school employs 19 staff members. All staff members currently receive 60% of the market standard salary. Almost most teaching staff are in need to training in order to receive qualified teacher status.

The school provides a vitally important education service to the community due to the severe shortage of full time Islamic education in its locality.

The school currently operates from a masjid building. This facility is entirely inappropriate and unsafe for the running of a full time school. The building, and lack of facilities restricts any further development of the school. The building has multi- purpose use, which makes matters even more difficult.

We are dire need of your help support donations in this critical time

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