As part of the value of the month of Justice a special whole school assembly was held for children to understand the role of the Police in delivering justice in the UK!

Detective Constable Jon Moseling from Haringey visited the school and spoke to the children about what justice is, what the police do and what people in society can do to support justice.

Constable presented a PowerPoint presentation to the children and asked the children many questions, about the history of the police, what the police do and why they do it. Essentially children learnt that:

  • First duty of police is to save life.
  • Keep the peace & prevent crime.
  • Protect property.
  • Police do not decide who is guilty and who is punished.
  • Police investigate crime, collect evidence and present the evidence to the Courts.
  • The Courts decide who is right or wrong and are only interested in what can be proved.
  • If you were on a jury, what would you want to know before deciding someone was guilty?

Children were then asked to think about themselves and justice, they were asked to think about the following issues:

  • How can you be just or fair?
  • Think about the last time someone did something wrong to you. Were you sure they did it?
  • Is it right to ‘get your own back’?
  • Who gave you the power to decide who was right or wrong or what should happen to them?   If you put yourself in the other person’s shoes, how might it look? Maybe it was an accident, did they not understand you because they are from a different culture/country or did they really mean it?
  • If you can’t be sure, is it fair to ‘get them back’?
  • Think of the last time you did something to someone else.

Were you honest and tell the truth?

  • Did you apologise? Were you being fair?
  • If you remember how you felt when someone did something to you, do you now know how they are feeling?

All of these questions allowed the children to experience the sort of questions the police have to ask frequently as part of their day-to-day duties in serving justice.

Children also had the chance to ask many questions and even got to personally meet Constable Jon! It was a valuable experience for the children and a memorable learning experience about how Justice is served.