Year 1

Message from the Teacher

Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuh.

I am Ustaadhah Fatimah. I will be teaching Year 1 at Assunnah Primary School this year. As an avid reader myself, I am keen to improve children’s reading as this is one of the most crucial skills which ensure a successful educational outcome. I hope that by the end of the year, every child progresses onto Year 2 being able to read, InshaAllah. In addition to that, I aim to ensure that children are able write at the best possible standards in order to communicate their ideas and points effectively.

TopicsThis term, we will be looking at a variety of topics including The Great Fire of London. In order to help enhance your child’s learning, I suggest you visit museums such as the Museum of London or perhaps Pudding Lane in Central London.
For Numeracy this half term, children will begin by learning to how to count to 20. We will then progress on to analysing different types of Shapes and Measures as well as Money and Time.

For Literacy, the focus will be on stories with familiar settings at first. We will then move on to studying different types of information texts and poetry. For reading, we use the Read Write Inc phonics programme, which includes a daily Speed Sounds lesson, paired reading and building sentences using sounds the children have learnt. Please visit the Ruth Miskin Learning website for more information o how to support your child’s literacy at

Children will be learning to identify and label the body parts of humans and animals. We will then proceed to looking at the five different senses. This in turn will be linked to Literacy where we will use the senses for our descriptive writing.

We will begin with an introduction to the Quran and the main focus will be importance of Surah Faatihah this half term. We will also be exploring the 5 pillars of Islam and learning some of the basic duas such as when waking up in the morning.

We will begin this academic year by discussing ‘new beginnings’. This will give the children the opportunity to settle into their new school environment and enable a smooth transition from EYFS to Stage 1.

TripsTo support and enhance the learning that takes place in school, Year 1 will occasionally visit places such as museums and galleries. Letters will be sent out to parents requesting permission to take children on these trips.
P.E.PE lessons will take place every Wednesday. Please make sure your child brings a full PE kit. This includes a white top and black jogging bottoms. They should also bring a water bottle too.
HomeworkHomework is very important for children at this age. Not only does it consolidate the learning that was done at school, it also provides challenge and creates a sense of responsibility. All children from Year 1 have been informed of the rules of homework. So please ensure your child follows these rules. The homework is given out every Friday and must be returned by the following Thursday morning at the very latest.