Our school believes in giving first hand experiences to children and as part of our theme on kindness and our initiative to sensitize our pupils towards the aged and needy, we took some children to Camden Lodge Nursing Home.. The children got to know some of the residents by asking questions about the kind of job they used to do. The children were really humbled by the residents they met.

‘Elsa’ one of the residents spoke of her job as a medical secretary    and ‘Rita’ joked with the children about her job as a singer on stage! ‘Rita’ was pleased to meet the children; she especially wore her black and gold shoes for the occasion, and wanted us to take photograph of her sparkling shoes.

The children had many thought provoking moments with the residents who were more than happy to share their stories on life with them. Salma and Hafsa performed a poem about wisdom, whereas, Hammam read out a really inspirational poem that he wrote himself. All the children received treats for their efforts.  The children really enjoyed their visit and were eager to return again to see their new friends at the nursing home.

It was a really beneficial trip that inspired and humbled our children to really think about how they can be more of an assistance to the elderly not only when visiting the nursing home but when they see elderly people or people in need out and about in the community.