A sad moment for the school has come – it is time to say goodbye to Year 6!

All of the children in year 6, the children in other year groups and the staff have been anticipating the arrival of this day for many months, weeks and days!

Today was the last day of school for year 6, but a memorable day for us all! All the children in year 6 presented their final leaving speeches, full of appreciation, joy, sorrow, and hope for the future. May Allaah accept their actions, bless them with goodness, and grant them success in this life and in the next – aameen

This is a time when a journey has come to end and its time for a new journey with new opportunities, obstacles, and challenges to begin.

We supplicate to Allaah to accept our actions purely for his sake, to be removed from his wrath and to always be under the shade of his mercy – aameen