“World Book Day” In Remote Learning

Assalamu Aleykum Warahmatu Lahi Wabarakatu

Next week is Book Week, and we will be holding a variety of events in school and Remote leaning to help celebrate this. Allah(SW) Says: 

نحن نقص عليك أَحسن القصص” “We narrate to you the best of stories” (Sūrat Yūsuf, No 12, Āyat 3 The Quran narrates many real stories. These stories are a means for educating and training believers. The history of the Prophets is described through the stories of their experiences. Some stories are repeated, focusing on different aspects to reveal various dimensions of the same story. We will be reflecting on some of those stories, Insha Allah. Throughout the week, the children will be writing stories, including some stories from the Quran. These may be as a class, a group, a pair or on their own.

Monday – Early Years children across the school will be ‘buddied up’ and share their favourite picture book with their buddy. Please encourage your child to bring a copy of their favourite book to school, in case we don’t have a one

Tuesday – All staff in school will bring in their favourite children’s book, and children will be able to choose which story they want to listen to. Remote learning teachers could do the same.

Wednesday – Children to write about their favourite character, Early Years to talk about their favourite character. All children design a bookmark.

Thursday – Children write character description from their book. Children to read aloud their character description to their classmates and to vote for the best character description in their class. Winners from each class to share their character on Remote Friday assembly time.

Friday – World Book Day. Children need to dress up as their favourite book character. By the end of the term, we hope to send out a newsletter with the best character descriptions of the week’s events.

Jazakom Allaho Kheiren

Hodan Yussuf



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