Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuh. I am Ustadh Abdulmunim and I will be the Year 2 teacher for this current year. Having completed the Quran by heart and A-levels in 2007, I embarked on studying Islamic Sciences for Further Education. With the grace of the Almighty I completed my BA Degree, as well as Masters in Islamic studies from The Islamic College London. After graduation, I wished to pursue a teaching career and enrolled for PGCE teaching diploma with the University of East London. Having taught Humanities and Religious Education in secondary schools, I moved in to Assunnah School in 2016 where I taught Year 5 for 3 years. I am currently teaching year 2 of various deferent background and abilities covering maths, English, Science, Geography, History, Art, Islamic studies and Tarbiya. Apart from spreading both Secular and Islamic knowledge to my students, I am a keen cricketer as well, and currently playing for two different clubs in East London. Jazakallahu Khayran



Our theme for this half term we will go back in time and focus on the historical moment of ‘The Great Fire of London’. Through exploring this fascinating period in history we will compare fire-safety from the past with today. We will also look into how we fight fires today compared to those fought in the 17th century. This theme links perfectly with many other subjects such as science and art which will inshaaAllah engage the children much more with their learning.


Literacy: This autumn term we will following the Ruth Miskin curriculum where children will looking into creating fictional texts such as stories and also non-fiction by creating recounts and explanation texts.
Numeracy: This half term we’ll be covering Number and place value and addition and subtraction. These curriculum areas are the foundation for the remaining curriculum areas where we hope to spend a significant amount of time on them to ensure the concepts are grasped properly.

Science: Children will be exploring the topic ‘everday materials’ where they will identify and compare the suitability of some everyday materials for particular uses. Plastic and fabrics are looked at in detail. They will find out how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed. This will link perfectly with our Great Fire of London theme as we will also compare the materials houses were made of back then and what they are made of now and how the fire spread as fast as the way it did.

Tarbiya/Tafseer: We will be focusing on the Tafsir on Surah Faatihah this half term and alongside studying in depth the fiqh of prayer. These two topics go hand in hand to ensure our children meet the conditions and pillars of their salah.

SEAL/Citizenship: To start off the year we will be looking in to the topic ‘new beginnings’ to help the children settle in to their new class. Through circle time and various activities children will understand the community they belong to within the school to help them feel valued and feel a sense of belonging.


To assist children’s understanding of the Great Fire of London we will be visiting the British Museum inshaaAllah. This visit will bring to life the incidences of that time history where children and engage them in their learning better.


PE for KS1 and year 3 will be every Wednesday. This half term we will be doing gymnastics where children will exercising the skills of jumping, balance and agility to assist them with the remaining activities throughout the year. Parents are reminded that children must wear a full PE kit, which includes a white t-shirt/top and black jogging/tracksuit bottoms. Parents are advised to refrain from allowing children to wear tights or leggings as this can cause health problems. Children must bring trainers (children should wear their normal school shoes to school). Children should also bring a water bottle (no juices or fizzy drinks)


Homework will be given every week on a Friday and will be expected to be completed and returned to school the following Thursday giving your child plenty of time to complete the given tasks. It is important that your child completes all parts of the homework as this helps consolidate their learning and what has been taught in class.

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