Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuh. My name is Samia and I am the year 5 & 6 teacher. I have graduated with a BA Hons with QTS (Qualified Teaching Status) in July 2016 prior to studies I have mainly worked in mainstreams schools from Reception to Year 6, I was a Year 5 teacher prior to starting at Assunnah I was teaching Year 4 in Hackney schools. Overall I have been working in mainstream schools for the past 6 years as part of my teacher training, also as a tecahing assistant and special needs one to one support. Jazakh Allah Khairan



Our theme for this term is on Dinosaurs. We will be learning about the dinosaurs species of the Mesozoic Era with very practical and engaging activities.


This year,the whole of Key Stage Two, will be following the Ruth Miskin Literacy and Language Programme, I am very excited to get started as it’s a very comprehensive programme, and also very popular. In the Autumn half term we will be studying the following topics:
-Fiction – children will learn about the concept of dilemma, and engage with the dilemma. They will make links between their own experience and stories they have read. They will explore how a character’s choices change the way they behave towards other characters.
-Poetry – Children will read a range of poems about the city and make connections with their own experiences and other poems they have read. Children will explore how poets use language for effect, consolidate their understanding of poetic terms. They will perform a poem using expression to show understanding.

The Maths lessons will reflect the changes to content and pedagogy in the new National Curriculum, which are a bit more challenging than the old curriculum, but I am looking forward to working hard with the children to overcome them In-Sha-Allah.
We will be covering the following topics in Numeracy:
-Place Value Written Addition
-Written and Mental subtraction
-Mental multiplication and division and Fractions

This term the children will learn about the Second World War in Europe and why the Battle of Britain was such a significant turning point in British History; learn about the timeline of important events such as Chamberlain’s speech at the outbreak of the war, the Battle of Britain, the heroic rescue at Dunkirk, the Blitz, the D-Day landings, the liberation of the concentration camps and the celebrations of VE Day. You will also research the lives of the ordinary adults and children who faced the Blitz and had to deal with rationing and evacuation. Learn about the inspiring stories and achievements of significant people such as Anne Frank and Winston Churchill.

Children will look at at a range of different forces: Gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. Develop an understanding of balanced and unbalanced forces and their effects. Children will investigate how mechanisms, like levers, pulleys and gears, help us to use smaller forces.

SEAL and Citizenships.
This term we will be looking at ‘new beginnings’, it will focuses on developing children’s knowledge, understanding and skills in four key social and emotional aspects of learning: empathy, self-awareness, social skills and motivation.

This will offer children the opportunity to see themselves as valued individuals within their community and to contribute to shaping a welcoming, safe and fair learning community for all. Throughout the theme, children explore feelings of happiness and excitement, sadness, anxiety and fearfulness, and learn shared models for ‘calming down’ and ‘problem solving’.


As part of our Topic on World War Two, I am very excited on planning to , ins has-Allah, take year 5 to the Imperial War Museum. The children will explore the causes, course and consequences of war at Imperial War Museum.
Session Outline
Working in the Family in Wartime exhibition, students will devise their own investigation into Home Front themes. These will link to the experiences of the Allpress family, an ordinary family living in Britain during the Second World War.

Skills That They Will Gain:
-Working in an exhibition space to find and utilise information
-Presenting their findings to the rest of the class
-Thinking about the limitations of the exhibition to answer all of our questions and other sources we -could use to further our enquiry

The Activities That They Will Do:
-Working in small groups to devise an enquiry question
-Looking at the model of the All press house and using interactive to find out more about it
-Exploring the Family in Wartime exhibition to find out information
-Handling a Second World War artefact linked to their theme.


We, at Assunnah, are committed to provide physical education programs in line with national Curriculum, which ensures that each child stays active, as our bodies are an Amanah that we should be looking after! In-sha-Allah, my aim is to establish and instill in the children the importance of staying active and healthy. You can help you child stay committed by making sure they eat healthily and enrol in sports clubs and programs outside school.
This autumn term, year 5 P.E lessons will be divided into the following two sessions inshaa-Allah:

As you are all aware teaching children how to swim is a Sunnah! With that in mind the school has arranged for the children to attend swimming lessons at Northamberland Park School where they will be taught essential swimming skills. The boys and the girls will alternate these lessons. This means that your child will be attending swimming lessons once every forthrightly.

The week that your child will not be attending swimming lesson he/she will attend a P.E. lesson at Tottenham Sports Centre. This term we will be covering the topic of ‘Athletics’. The children will be taught to perform actions and skills with more consistent control and quality. They will take part in and design challenges and competitions that call for precision, speed, power and stamina.


Homework is a link between school and home and helps consolidate with the children have been learning in class. It is important that children take responsibility for their homework and hand it in on time.
Homework will be given on Monday and should be returned on Friday. If, for any reason the homework is not handed it on time, a text message will be sent out to parents.

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