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About Us

Mission Statement

Assunnah Primary school is an independent, selective, faith-based Muslim School. We strive to offer a holistic education cultivating growth along spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual, physical and communal dimensions. Our aim is to positively orient our students towards realising their full potential as exemplary contributors to our society, in actively promoting fundamental universal values.

We are against radicalisation that leads to unjust acts of violence and the violation of fundamental universal values. We encourage peaceful but effective communication, dialogue and interaction with all parties who are keen to working towards achieving common goals of goodness.


The Beginning

Assunnah Primary School was established in 2007; the school was the project of Assunnah Islamic Centre and was formed in response to the high demand from the Muslim community in North London for an Islamic Primary School. It was also created to address the under-representation of Muslim schools in the borough of Haringey.

Making Progress

At first the school was mainly attended by members of the local community, but with the growth and success of Assunnah Primary School we now have students from neighbouring communities and even from the outside boroughs.

Ofted Registered

In 2008/09 Assunnah Primary school notified the Department Of Education and we had our first visit from Ofsted. The school met the requirements set by the Department of Education and soon after became a registered school, and was awarded Ofsted recognition.

Moving Forward

Today, Assunnah Primary School is oversubscribed and our waiting list is growing significantly every year. Our current accommodation is what is limiting us to meet those demands. This is the fundamental reason why Assunnah Primary school is looking to move to a more spacious location.

Head Teacher's Message

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Assalamu Aleykum Warahmatullah Wabarakatu

Welcome to Assunnah Primary School. Our school is a welcoming, happy school where people are helpful, considerate and respectful of each other. The children are very happy and enjoy learning. All of our provision is underpinned by our Islamic school mission. Our motto is Knowledge for Righteous Action and we work hard to allow the children to Strive in all they do. . Our children leave Assunnah school equipped with all the skills they need to continue their future learning journey

We have a very dedicated and hard-working staff who will go that extra mile- as only the best will do for the children in our care. We work in a very close partnership with parents so that every child is fully supported. We know the importance that parents play in their child’s education and so we welcome your involvement in your child’s education and the life of our school. We ask your opinion regularly, as well as invite you to school as much as possible. We encourage parents/carers to come into school to discuss any concerns or issues. .

Please call in at any time to see me or make an appointment to see me or any other member of staff if we are not immediately available

We pride ourselves on being a warm, welcoming school and look forward to working together to achieve the best outcomes for all of the children


Hodan Yussuf


Assunnah Model

Assunnah Primary School aims to deliver a tarbiyah (having manners) based model of education which caters for the child holistically. The school achieves these primarily through its tarbiyah timetable which has the following key features:

    • Early Bird Clubs before school.
    • Whole School Assemblies that cover, Hadeeth, actions through role plays of the, Names of Allaah, Seerah and much more…
    • Daily Quran lessons first thing in the morning (Tuesday – Thursday).
    • Punctuated learning with 50 & 60 minute lessons followed by 10 minute breaks. There are no back-to-back lessons.
  • Themed breaks such as duha (mid morning) break, physical exercise break, siesta break and a snack break.

The school reinforces the tarbiyah model in its style of delivery in the classrooms with tarbiyah links and special tarbiyah classes.

Our View of Education

Serving our creator is an absolute honour and privilege that brings enormous purpose and value to our lives. It is for this purpose that we perform to our best and continue to grow wiser, fairer, and increase in acts of goodness, righteousness, kindness and truthfulness. The educational process is therefore the means by which we seek to achieve this excellence both as teacher and as learners.

We believe that education should be holistic extending beyond academic achievements and where learning leads to lifelong growth that the learner owns and manages. The educational process therefore should comprise of developing the complete person in consciousness, noble character, useful knowledge, healthy living, social living and public service.

This holistic education is best demonstrated through the practice of habits where learners have a passion for self development, the development of others, practice of independent thinking, sincerity of purpose, moral character, mindfulness and a relentless compassion for others. It is also about being confident without arrogance, where learning is without limits, and where there is a genuine thirst for knowledge that extends beyond the confinements of the classroom.

The journey to completeness needs to include the process of freeing our ego and overcoming low self esteem, thus leading us to the practice of higher virtues of being grateful, tolerant, understanding, courteous and respectful. All in all we believe that this leads to the growth of determined individuals committed to peace and justice.

We at Assunnah are on a journey to unlock the many things that make up a truly sincere and fulfilling education. We seek the outreaching impact of truth, humility, compassion and justice on ourselves, our staff, our pupils, our community and our society both locally and globally Insha Allaah

May Allaah accept it from us all – aameen