Remote Learning

Assunnah school would like to thanks everyone who is staying home in order to stay safe and to protect our school and community from the Coronavirus.

We created this page to help you to access your digital learning resources. If you need more assistant please email or speak to our school admin.

This guidance applies to everyone who is at home for any reason. Obviously, we know that you can’t work if you are unwell, but your teachers will expect you to catch up any work you missed.

Assunnah school have to make sure no student fall behind with their learning. Your teachers will be setting Remote Learning for you and expecting you to hand this work in online or when you return. When you are not at school.

1- Check the remote learning on Google Classroom, ClassDojo and your email.
2- Complete the work and submit it back to your teacher.
3- Contact your teacher if you are stuck.

Parent instructions for Googlem Classroom access for home learning