Times Table Challenge 

Assunnah Primary Times Table Challenge 

Why are times tables being taught like this at Assunnah?

At Assunnah Primary , children learn about times tables in lots of ways during maths lessons. The children memorise times-table counting, use practical equipment, solve worded problems, play times-table games and many other active ways. The challenges are one way for the children to show they can solve times-table questions quickly and accurately. If a child is struggling with the weekly challenge, this will prompt the class teacher to see that the child may need additional support.

Why can my child complete the challenge at home but not at school?

This can happen and is nothing to worry about. When they do the challenge in school, they have the added task of needing to focus on the challenge with other things happening around them. The good news is that if they can complete the challenge at home, then they will soon be able to do it at school

How can we help at home?

Focus on helping your child to answer accurately. At first you might need to model ways to find the answer. You could use some of the games and links below to support this.

What is the expectation for each year group?

In Year 2, the aim is to have a secure understanding of levels 1 to 3 (the 2x, 5x and 10x tables). Children can proceed beyond level 3 but at intervals throughout the year they will be required to repeat the first three levels to fully consolidate this learning.

In Years 3 & 4 the aim is to work on levels up to level 9. There is an expectation for children to be able to memorise fluently and accurately times tables up to 12×12 by the end of Year 4.

In Years 5 & 6 the aim is to apply their times table knowledge in lots of different ways using all the levels

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Times Table Challenge 

Home Learning Level 1

Home Learning Level_2

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