Adherence to the Sunnah

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This month we have launched a new initiative to grow closer to the prophet and to perfect our behaviour and manners. Every day of the week each class will try and behave according to the following aspects of the sunnah.

We are adhering to the Sunnah when: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
We great each other with salams
We say JazakAllah Khair to show our thanks
We dress smartly
We speak kind words in a polite manner
We take turns to speak
We sit down to eat and drink
We work hard and try our best in all that we do
We do not give up
We do not disturb others
We keep our things neat, clean and tidy
We take care of school property as it is an ammanah
We help each other
We say Alhamdulilla for all that we have
We respect our elders and show mercy to our young
We do not speak in the toilets
We enter and leave the toilet correctly
We remind each other about being good and forbid the bad
We are ready for salah
We have khusoor in salah by following the imam and thinking of Allah
We remain silent after salah and read thasbi
We clean up after ourselves
We respect all people no matter who they are.

May Allaah accept it from us – aameen

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