Broadening Horizons Initiative

We are starting up a new and exciting initiative to further develop the character of our pupils. We aim to raise self-esteem and independence as well as develop inter-personal skills through the use of non-class based experiences. Children will have opportunities to get involved with helping the community, explore and experience the natural world and make links with other schools here and abroad.

We would like to kick start this project by getting the children involved in local issues. There are hundreds of people that live in our local community who are facing very difficult circumstances. The situation is further exacerbated due to the oncoming cold weather. Haringey Food Bank part of the Trussel Project is a charity organisation that provides emergency food to local people in crisis. Many of these people are homeless. Our deen teachers us to be charitable to all people regardless of race, religion and creed. Above all we are encouraged to feed our neighbours and so we would like to hold a food collection day for the local food bank. The food bank only accepts non-perishable foods like pasta, tinned vegetables that are all in date. We are planning to hold the food collection day on Thursday 11th December. Please do not give food before this date as we do not have storage space to keep them. Inshalalah we are planning to take the children to the Selby Centre- our local food bank collection point. We will send out another reminder nearer the time.

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