Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty?

On Monday The whole school received a strange and disturbing announcement, It was disturbing and shocking – The announcement has been captured below:


ALLAAHU AKBAR – We have had a great disaster!

Assunnah School – Please listen carefully!

HUMPTY DUMPTY HAS BEEN SMASHED TO THE GROUND! He is in pieces and cannot be put back again!

We need your help to find out who did this????

Can I call year 5 police crime investigation team to the scene. PLEASE, you must come quietly and sensibly to respect this GREAT catastrophe



Each class from years 1 to years 6 had a role in trying to solve this murder mystery:

    • Year 6: Year 6 students studied about journalistic writing and how to write newspaper reports. During this topic they worked as journalists reporting on Humpty Dumpty’s murder.
    • Year 5: Year 5 were the police officers. They compiled a police report and interviewed suspects. When the culprit came forward year 5 closed the case and presented their report in a whole school assembly.
    • Year 4: As part of year 4 creative writing week, year 4 really got creative with their ideas by writing character references for each suspect accused of pushing Humpty Dumpty off his wall! This character profiling enabled chn to work on vocabulary skills using various forms for effect. Some really interesting profiles were written this week and were enjoyable to read by children and the suspects alike.
    • Year 3: Year 3 became the behaviour analysis unit during Humpty Dumpty’s accident. They reviewed the behaviour of all suspects and their day to day activities on the day of the incident to find out who may have committed such a crime
    • Year 1 and 2: Years 1 & 2 focused on creating ‘wanted’ posters of the key suspects in the investigation. Children looked at the clues left at the scene of the crime, and from this they came up with five suspects. Children wrote a detailed description of the suspects, why they were suspected of the crime and also provided details of a reward. The posters were distributed around the school to aid the investigation.

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