Broadening Horizons – Donating to the Food Bank

InshaAllah, the learning that took place from the visit to the Food Bank was be a valuable experience for the children and one that motivated them to think about local issues and how they could help. Giving charity not only enabled the children to follow one of the pillars of our deen but it also allowed for them to establish community links by making positive contributions to their local community. These were essentially our aims for the initiative.

A big, big well done to KS1 and their teachers for walking all the way to the Food Bank and all the way back! Not to mention a little sight-seeing around a graveyard. May Allah make every step you took a step closer to Jannah – aameen!

Mary from Haringey Food Bank said they were really ‘grateful’ for our ‘generous donations’ and were very ‘touched’ to see our pupils deliver the food themselves.

Mashallah Tabarek Allah to all our pupils for all their selfless efforts in bringing in the food on the day stated and carrying them to the Food Bank.

This was followed up by the Friday school assembly where the children had the opportunity to reflect and understood the purpose of what they were doing and why it was important. Masahallah I got lots of positive feedback from them and it was agreed that this is something the children would like to do again Insha Allaah.

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