Values of the Month – Gratefulness

For the month of January our value of the month is faithfulness and gratefulness. In this month we aim to be more grateful and faithful as follows:


We aim to:

  • Have taqwaa of Allah- be aware that Allah is always watching us.
  • Be true to the commands of Allah in our intentions, our worship, our learning, our speech and our actions.
  • Be faithful to ourselves by respecting ourselves.
  • Be faithful to others by respecting others as Allah commands and the Prophet Peace be upon him demonstrates.


We aim to show gratitude by:

  • Knowing that whatever we have is from Allah.
  • Expressing our thanks and appreciation to Allah.
  • Enjoying what we have now.
  • Having patients.
  • Following the Sunnah by recognising the favours others do for us and expressing our thanks to them.

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