Re-opening of the School in the 1st September 2020

Assalamu Aleykum Parents/Carers,

 Re-opening of the School in the Ist September 2020

Jazak Allah Keir once again for all of your support through this most unprecedented and challenging time. Alhamdulillah, we are all safe. You will be aware that our School is re-opening on Ist September 2020.

We have updated the School Risk Assessment to reflect these changes and, as part of our risk assessment, we are required to continue to address health and safety concerns and reduce risks for children, and Staff. In this respect, we have put the following precautions into place:

Social Distancing


  • Parents must wear facemasks and adhere to social distancing while you are at school premises and avoid overcrowding. Keep 2-meter distance at all times.
  • Children will continue to have lunch in their classroom. Water bottles should only be sent into School with your child’s name. It is advisable to provide your child with a pocket hands sanitiser
  • There will be no assemblies or social gatherings, morning Akhdar would be conducted in classes
  • PE (gloves, masks, aprons, eyewear) are provided for personal care and for administering first aid. Additional PPE is available for Staff as required; as per the guidance document: (Safe working in education, childcare and children’s social care settings; including the use of PPE’. For children who may present with physical challenges, Staff have been provided with eyewear and masks.
  • We have provided face masks as an option for Staff if they choose to wear them, to keep themselves safe and the children they are working with.

Children and adults working with them should, where possible, follow the social distancing rules outlined in government guidance when they are not in School

Read the full message from the head teacher

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