Assunnah Transition Day

All children across the school from year one to year six took part in transition day

Transition day is an opportunity for children to experience the year group that they will be moving to in the new academic year. Therefore the following transitions took place:

  • Reception transitioned to year 1
  • Year 1 transitioned to year 2
  • Year 2 transitioned to year 3
  • Year 3 transitioned to year 4
  • Year 4 transitioned to year 5
  • Year 5 transitioned to year 6
  • Year 6 travelled to local secondary schools

Each year group experienced a lesson from their new year group allowing the children to experience and have some expectation for the new academic year.

As for Year 6, children travelled with their teacher to a secondary school and experienced what it would be like to be at a secondary school. Theymeet potential teachers, staff and other children. They will also took part in an actual secondary school lesson. Girls travelled with Ust. Shiree to Taiyibbah Girls School and Boys travelled with Ust Hifzur Rahman to Tawheed Boys School.

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