Assunnah Primary School dependents on the generosity and dedication of people, like you, who wish to see the school grow and benefit not only the community but also the Ummah.  Because of their belief and trust in this project these people have invested their time and effort to allow Assunnah Primary school to advance and expand. If you wish to help this worthy project, this is how you can take part:

Speak to your local businessmen

You can speak to your local businessmen on behalf of Assunnah Primary School to contribute either with financial help, sponsorship or advertising. If they’re willing to take part please get in touch with us and we will provide you with the relevant materials or advice to make that happen.

Advertise us online

If you have or know anyone who has an Islamic website, you can put up a free advertisement for Assunnah Primary School. We will provide you with the text and graphics.

Tell an audience

If you organise gatherings or lectures you can talk about the importance of Islamic schools in the UK, and raise awareness for Assunnah Primary School.

Fundraise for us

You can organise fundraising events where the proceeds go to the school, for example, sponsoring children to do fun activities such as organising a car boot sale or family bazaars.

Spread our material

You can help us by putting posters and leaflets in Muslim shops to help promote the school.

Mailing list

Subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date with school progress and to keep in touch with our ‘new building’ project.

Visit our website

Visit our website regularly for any news or events.


If you don’t have the time to do any of the above suggestions, but you wish to help you can simply Donate and help us raise the money needed.

“Who is it that will lend to Allah a goodly loan, then (Allah) will increase it manifold to his credit, and he will have (besides) a good reward.”
(Quran 57:18)


Your donations, however big or small, are vital to the school. We sincerely appeal to all the Muslim communities to join us in this noble project.  Please, give generously.

Regular Donations

Standing Orders: Regular donations are appreciated at Assunnah Primary School. Even small amounts can generate a sizeable regular fund.

You can make regular donations by simply completing a Standing Order form, or online through PayPal.

Gift Aid: If you are a UK taxpayer – please tick the Gift Aid box on the donation form. We can then claim an extra 25% from the government.

Qardh Hasanah (Interest-free loans)

This is an interest free loan which you can loan us for a mutually agreed period. This loan can help us with our immediate needs. It can also allow us time to generate enough funds through our fund raising activities.

Cheque or Postal Order

The donation form should be sent with the Cheque or Postal Order made payable to: ‘Assunnah Primary School’ and send them to: 565A High Road, Tottenham, London, N17 6SB.

UK Bank Transfers

Please contact the school if you wish to make a bank transfer.

Online Donations

Via PayPal.

Contact informations

Assunnah Primary School
565A High Road
N17 6SB

Phone : +44 (0)20 8350 0592
Email :
How to find us

The school is served by numberous routes; Seven Sisters Underground Station, then take any of the following buses: 149, 259, 279, 341, 349, 476. Bruce Grove Station, then a 2 minute walk towards Aldi Supermarket.

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