Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuh. I am Ustaadhah Hanan and I will be the year 3/4 teacher for this current year. I have a vast amount of experience working with children from all different ages. I have graduated with a BSc in History and International Relations. I have a passion for teaching and striving for the best in my students. I look forward to teaching this class and all the positive outcomes that will occur Inshallah. Jazakallahu Khayran



During this term (autumn 1), children will studying ‘healthy me’. They will be introduced to topics that will aid their understanding in how to live a healthier lifestyle.


Children are currently covering the following:
Place value and money
Addition and Subtraction
Shape and symmetry
Multiplication and division
Time and data
Children are currently focusing on reading fiction. It is strongly encouraged that parents read at home with their children in order to expose children to a good level of the English language.

Parents/carers who want to aid their child’s reading may wish to purchase some age-friendly reading materials by visiting The Book People on the following link: Here parents can find book collections at a reasonable price. Please ensure that you check that the reading ability level and age recommended on the books match that of your child’s. Parents/carers are also highly encouraged to join their local library.

If you would like to help your child with both numeracy and literacy, you may wish to purchase some activity books such as those offered by Letts, CGP or Sims & Schofield, all of which can be purchased on

Children will be studying ‘Animals including Humans’. They will be covering various topics such as; food groups, balanced diet, transport, skeletons, muscles and joints.

Children will be studying the lives of the Prophets of Islam as well as about purification and prayer. In Tafseer they will be studying Surat Al Fatiha in depth.

Children are currently working on the topic ‘New beginnings’ in their SEAL lessons. We strongly promote the development of the right mindset to achieve ambitions, and to always strive for the best that they can be.

In addition to this, children have been focusing on healthy eating in their Citizenship lessons. It is highly recommended that parent/carers promote a healthy lifestyle by encouraging their children to eat healthier foods and becoming involved in sporting activities. Parents/carers can receive useful tips and free packs by visiting


As children will be studying Healthy Living, we are hoping to arrange a visit to the science museum. This will allow children to have some hands on experience which is brilliant for widening their learning pool.


PE for KS1 and year 3 will be every Wednesday. Parents are reminded that children must wear a full PE kit, which includes a white t-shirt/top (girls: no party-type dresses below the knee) and black jogging/tracksuit bottoms. Parents are advised to refrain from allowing children to wear tights or leggings as this can cause health problems. Children must bring trainers (children should wear their normal school shoes to school). Children should also bring a water bottle (no juices or fizzy drinks)
Children are currently involved in a range of activities mainly based on basketball. We are also focusing on health and well being by promoting activities that increase cardiovascular health, such as running; and team building skills.


Homework is very important for the children at this age, not only it provides challenge as well as teaches responsibility. All children have been informed of the rules of homework so please help your child. The homework is given out every Thursday and taken in on Wednesday morning.
Useful links to help you help your child:
Book People:
Collins / Letts:
Schofield and Sims:

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